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From the 7mm standard for day-to-day business to high-end design floors up to 12 mm in different sizes

Our floors are standard equipped with the 2G-locking system by Välinge, a tool and adhesive free, professional system with a high installation speed. We also offer you our laminate floors with the innovative 5G-locking system as an option for increasing the installation efficiency.



1 Surface

Class: 31 / 32 / 33

18 surfaces and surface structures from matt to glossy, from lightly structured to synchronously embossed surfaces with a natural look.

2 Decors

Large variety of decors - from bestselling oaks and walnuts to beech, maple or pine.

3 Substrate material and locking system

Properties: from 7mm to 12 mm

Formats: A selection of standard and exclusive slab sizes

Standard plank 1292 x 194mm, Narrow Plank 1292 x 136mm,

Wide Plank 1292 x 331mm, Long Plank 2033 x 240mm, Tile 855 x 331mm.

Locking systems: 2G/ 5G 

4 Features

Features Options:

Moisture protection MoisturePLUS
Surface protection SurfacePLUS
Tread sound-proofing AcousticPLUS
Antistatic properties



Hornitex Brand Collection

Hornitex Brand Collection

Show your competence with a strong brand and win over customers for your business. Hornitex laminate floors stand out due to their state-of-the-art quality, comfort and their unique look & feel.

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Contact us

Please contact us for questions or for more information about our products and services.

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